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To prevent your $200 iPhone from bending, just buy this $2,000 titanium case

Big phones and pockets often don’t get along well, and that proved to be the case with the iPhone 6 Plus. According to recent reports, some users would put the handset in their pockets and find it bent after a few hours.
Affectionately dubbed #BendGate on Twitter, the situation has caused Apple’s competitors to mock the company and put a blemish on its new product. However, some companies are already looking to make a profit out of Apple’s misfortune. Luxury phone and phone accessory brand Gresso now offers the Titanium Cases for iPhone 6 as a way to fend off #BendGate.
Just like the name implies, the Titanium Cases are made out of titanium, ensuring that your iPhone 6 can take hundreds of pounds of pressure without getting bent. This comes at a cost, though: The Titanium Cases start at a wallet-searing $2,000. If you’d rather opt for 18 carat gold or white gold, you’ll need to tack on an extra $1,000. The incredibly expensive cases are available for preorder starting on October 1.
For those who don’t have that kind of money to spend, Gresso also offers a similar design in aluminum, which costs a more-digestible $90. The aluminum cases can take up to 300 pounds of pressure before bending and are made of CNC-machined aluminum. The aluminum cases will come in black, gold, and silver when they arrive in October.