To prevent your $200 iPhone from bending, just buy this $2,000 titanium case

Big phones and pockets often don’t get along well, and that proved to be the case with the iPhone 6 Plus. According to recent reports, some users would put the handset in their pockets and find it bent after a few hours.
Affectionately dubbed #BendGate on Twitter, the situation has caused Apple’s competitors to mock the company and put a blemish on its new product. However, some companies are already looking to make a profit out of Apple’s misfortune. Luxury phone and phone accessory brand Gresso now offers the Titanium Cases for iPhone 6 as a way to fend off #BendGate.
Just like the name implies, the Titanium Cases are made out of titanium, ensuring that your iPhone 6 can take hundreds of pounds of pressure without getting bent. This comes at a cost, though: The Titanium Cases start at a wallet-searing $2,000. If you’d rather opt for 18 carat gold or white gold, you’ll need to tack on an extra $1,000. The incredibly expensive cases are available for preorder starting on October 1.
For those who don’t have that kind of money to spend, Gresso also offers a similar design in aluminum, which costs a more-digestible $90. The aluminum cases can take up to 300 pounds of pressure before bending and are made of CNC-machined aluminum. The aluminum cases will come in black, gold, and silver when they arrive in October.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is an actual curtain call

People raised skeptical eyebrows when Square-Enix announced Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a rhythm game for the 3DS and iOS, since it sounded suspiciously like an April Fool's joke. But make it they did, and it was so successful that they're back for an encore  with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, the reported last in the series. After playing it myself, I feel like I get what the whole song and dance is about.

Theatrhythm gives the player a list of 221 songs from the entire Final Fantasy collection to play through. The gameplay is simple: tap, slash, or hold with the stylus as colorful icons move across the screen. You have three different modes to do this , the big difference between them being what happens in the background (a battle, a famous scene from one of the games, et cetera), but the actions you complete stay consistent. While that may sound dull, these tiny tasks still command attention, and getting into the rhythm becomes engrossing. When you'll on a roll you feel less like a player and more like a conductor, making your favorite songs from the series come to life.

Curtain Call not only introduces music from a greater range of titles, like Final Fantasy X-2 and Tactics, but the availability of songs for download. This is where curtain call part comes in: rather than making a new Theatrhythm game sometime down the road, the company plans to add to Curtain Call's digital offers continuously to keep content fresh. In addition, the game comes with a new mode called Quest Medley, which challenges the player to clear several songs at random to get rewards and unlock characters. Give it a try, because who knows--maybe you'll find your new favorite Final Fantasy song that way.

Trending: clothes inspired by pop art

Where art goes, fashion is sure to follow. This spring has seen two major retrospectives at London’s Tate Modern: the darkly funny work of original pop-art pioneer Richard Hamilton, and the joyous, faith-affirming, colourful cut-outs of Henri Matisse.

A little closer to home, Richard Mosse’s The Enclave series was shown at the RHA, his films depicting the violence and beauty of the Democratic Republic of Congo in a surreal swathe of shocking pink.

While the pop art trend in fashion is nowhere near, shocking, life-affirming or darkly funny, it can still make a splash on the street. Bold graphic prints on T-shirts are easy to pull off, as are Warhol-esque flat florals in primary colours. This leather satchel is a fun, paint-splattered homage. Bold block colours make a statement too, although to certain people, all yellow jeans declare is the wearer’s need for a tan. (Left; Red floral print swing dress, €45, River Island)

A affected notecase further accordingly mock totes is a purely unvaried accessory

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Reliable Chanel Affordable handbags

along with rrs really a favorite spot select Imitation Prada Handbags cases for very reasonable prices. However , be warned. Even though the eBay always makes each and every undertaking to continue your traders truthful actually this is not absolutely the situation. One method to get remember to be acquiring honest Chanel back pack can be to look at the owner. Will they be an electrical Homeowner? If you are they may have already paid out an awful lot in building which experts claim history so are more unlikely for potential risk ones own prospective internet business due to trading imitations. Be sure to remarks to check out what exactly their very own portion of thrilled potential customers is actually.

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Shop for Chanel Manufacturer Affordable handbags

Since business involving replica and even synthetic version hermes bags happens to be growing quite a bit and also the in many cases are bamboozled coupled with duped, it is not endorsed to spend and obtain totes away from vendors in the area. A few might say he is affiliated with the particular brand, unfortunately probabilities are that they might be fooling that you. Consequently, it is far better to get the replica chanel bag via the internet. Determine choose any of them with the standard Chanel online store, or can acquire these from other web sites over the internet that will be sanctioned suppliers associated with Chanel products and solutions. These web sites persist individuals a certain authenticity code, to ensure customers recognise that web site is without a doubt responsible.

Every Chanel carrier is hand-made in German or else Italia in order to long models. Top quality of these selection last many months or even years. Those are the greatest and also softest leathers so that make certain to go with a superior alligator more refined and thus moisturizer to care for we carrier.

vary benefit thanks to Every Circumstances ; Swiss Copy Watches

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One hundred and eleven collect the important Chorpard Replacement Scrutinize by People

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First love dreams do not easily circle

I once had a first boyfriend, one year older than I, he rooster, I belong to the dog. We love talked for half a year, with feelings quite good of, both parents, ready to get married. Officially showdown His grandmother for someone to give us life, back to say we forget mutually phase grams, no husband and wife of life, and let us break up.

His grandmother of term is "dog" jinji afraid of jade, that is, the rooster will belong to the dog the person with form couples would be troubled. Old woman also said that if the rooster people with an ox or dragon ah snake ah of what, that will be married successful, and household to flourish. The superstitious belief inclined, I can understand, but let me unexpected is, he grandma's words not only allowed them to family are loathe to our marriage, even he also get carried away. At that time, he spent on-line, check the content of mutually and marriage who's always ask me: "you say we will happiness?"

I see his unsuspecting appearance, in the heart very angry. I say: "happiness is depend on oneself, not by mutually, foreigners without this 12 zodiac signs, the family also should marry marry, if you superstitious this understanding, we two points."

In fact his heart would have been his family persuaded,flap bags 49018 orange
is embarrassed myself out, now I took a step, and he quickly went down: "the old man said, do not believe all, cannot believe. Let's separate also remained good friends."

We so easily parted.

Later, if he'd married a belong to cow, and the girl's home also special "cow", after the marriage, before long, they transferred him to Beijing a big company work. I ostensibly woman.she doesn't matter, actually pretty sad, my first and only love because of the so-called "mutually disagreement" left me, I still believe what love? So, when someone give me introduction object, I what all don't pick don't pick it promised, and soon married. After marriage, I and in Beijing's ex-boyfriend slowly lost touch with him.

My husband is a driver, people are thick, words are thick, hand thick, but mind not bad. For years we've been renowned wrangled, and thought not live with him, but think again, the somebody else that was in the know I just broke up with her boyfriend the case known me, also didn't abandon me not big girl, he admitted to, say, the couple live, which have not stumble? I was also don't want to pursue more what's DaBan live,.

Sometimes life is unpredictable. One day,christian louboutin black sheepskin high boots cld109
a former boyfriend suddenly call about I meet, said something urgent say with me. I'm curious about his condition, he promised too. We met at a small restaurant. Saw him I thought wrong? Haven't seen for three or four years, he seems old have 10 years old!

Originally, the year before his wife suddenly got lung cancer, early is no sign, started vomiting blood found that abnormal, but has reached an advanced stage, and he has been in Beijing with a wife, but no sought how long the wife or passed away.

The mutation changed his life a lot of ideas, including so-called "un-islamic" mutually. Yes, look for a mutually suitable, so quick and decimated, facts too cruel. He is in his folly to apologize to me.

I say: "that is a thing of the past, say again, then you also young, people always slowly mature."

He said he could find I am not simply for apology,ugg classic nightfall boots chestnut 5359
and the more important thing, is hoping to follow me begin again!

"That was my sorry you, I'm guilty. I hope you have a good, if you have better than me, I would be reassuring. Can I tell people around you are asked, you did not good, you married a no culture, grumpy yokel, heard that he still beat you. If it weren't for at the outset I abandoned you, you certainly won't be now. I want to make up this way, to give you a home, give you happiness."

My tears streaming down surge. Get married for years, I was more than once thought of escape, but I can escape where to go? I go, my 3-year-old children? So, I can only accept reality; I also not once hate sight, if not his this, I should never marry; as rush I was more than once thought that, if his grandma not those pesky, perhaps now we are living a happy life... However, these ideas are really only in my heart, no one knows, no one is going to want to know. Only this man, the first lover, he truly know my anguish, only he can say to my heart!

I calm heart was broken.

Maternal love also hills

Father -often. I'm nine years old, my father died suddenly, as if the sky were to fall, mother fainted, many times cry grieving. Facing a last-borns, mother often in tears. At that time, our brothers and sisters of the big sister is BaoYang seven (virgin), younger brother, have less than two months after birth, the biggest two elder sister also just 13 years old, and a years near 80 years old grandpa.

Old man needs to come-so, children need to take care of,ed hardy women skirts 6661
reality does not allow mother again vulnerable. The mother grief buried in the bottom of my heart, be strong enough to use weak shoulders father shouldering the burden of behind.

Brother sister small, cannot leave the mother's care, but farmhand during the season, as far as possible also mother to attend production team of labor, zheng point "ration"; Do the housework, feeding at the same time, in limited privately owned the variety of some vegetables as far as possible; Chickens, ducks, pigs, and sold into "money" after abound.

Mother mind careful, clever arrangement, put a big family life to be well organized. In the "big-pot roce" era, labor efficiency is low, the food is limited, one part as "GongFen food" to "labor", to everyone share is less food rations to poor. That time, the labor, often cannot do not have enough to eat in "late spring to" take bag borrow grain, and my mother everywhere but can put this limited food with the sweet potato, vegetables obtain real estate, careful arrangement, let the family fill the stomach, every time also can eat a meal "salty rice".

Mother personality strong, very ambitious. Despite life very hard, but she never ask, occasionally please person to help with loud, also must pay farm pay-packets. Self-esteem is very strong, we never mother hadn't seen her once catering to eat.

Mother to the child education is very strict, to which child coddle.ghd mk4 gold styler hair straighteners
Her child, good at beaten from reluctant to wake populaceup guide. She education we even outside be bullied, also want to self-surrender; She let us has learned aged respected; She let we know a lot of people doing things truth. Neighbors rarely heard mother in villages Shouting the voices of children, because she of each boy go fairly well. She asked each child "go out will accuse, how-to will that most" until now, we still keep in the good habits.

His mother illiterate, but for your child's learning very seriously, as far as possible to let their children to school reading. She never asked us "operations ready?" But often warned us; "I situation with others, you want different for this home sneakingly!" When I became the first out of the village after the cultural revolution of rice "eat" public one, mother was very happy, a catering fete relatives and neighbors.

Mother respect their elders, during the most difficult times, to my sister sell buy milk for grandpa firewood. What's on the menu first, and then give grandpa every one child and her own, even soup grudge sip.

Mother kind-hearted, compassionate. She see not somebody else suffers, meet elderly, often try to help people. She also education we want to ZhuLao pity poor, they should be to impose a helping hand.

Children grow up, cases in succession. We will meet her new house to live,prada handbag deep brown 62018
to hometown quiet and pushed her kind vegetables. Actually, because long-term overworked, mother has grown old and frail, but she felt still can provide for oneself, don't want to add to their children's burden, stubbornly not leave their hometown, who also failed to convince her, we only talk with her often home chat.

Mother always maintain industrious, the essence of thrift in their hometown keep a few hens and garden also often have fresh fruit or vegetables, from time to time, can send some eggs, vegetables to friends and relatives, his mouth still doesn't forget to use a modern words; "This is pollution-free, green food!"